A fun family trip we took to Denver CO.

Hey Hey,

I am Angel Lee. Mother of two beautiful little humans I love so much, a veteran. An explorer, and traveler (as often as I can). A small business owner, with an upbeat attitude and lots of energy.

My daughters are my world. I am a single mother, photography is what I do for a living. I love what I do. I love creating beautiful photos for you and your family to enjoy for generations. Something I do not have. I have no photos of my family after my Great grandparents. Photos are how you leave your print in the world.
I started photography what I was in Iraq in 08-09. I was stationed in Tallil, with the 287th Sustainment Brigade. I bought my first camera, a Canon Powershot, I photographed battle buddies, missions, medivacs, and so much more. I really learned how they preserved memories you often forget as time goes on. I am so glad I captured all I did because nowadays I look back at my photos that bring back so many more memories I forgot about.

Now I photograph with a Canon Mark 5D III, and video with a Canon 70D. I have all the equipment to photograph weddings and special events. Flash for the reception, even a photo booth rental. I serve Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, but I will travel anywhere in the world.