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Couples Boudoir $450. Two people, 2-hour session, In person viewing/ordering, 2-3 outfit modifications, Studio or home session, H&M/Trim (Males) IS included, ten gift prints 5×7.




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Boudoir Photography, Pinup, Classy, Sexy Glamour

Serving Southwest Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas.

Why do I photograph boudoir? Well, let me get personal with you. I have always been overweight to my peer’s standards, military standards, height and weight in gym class, even family shaming me for my weight. Growing up, I was very overweight. I was made fun of by everyone I knew. I never understood why people made fun of others for not looking like models. So I started a business that helps all women see how beautiful they really are.

Boudoir is a life-changing experience. Butterflies in your stomach. You skin the only thing holding you together feeling, out of your comfort zone. It’s ok, I am here to guide you on what to wear, how to pose and with the help of my beautiful hair and makeup artist who knows skin and colors that work. We want to show all how sexy they are no matter what size, race, color, age or gender.  We give you a day of pampering you will remember for a lifetime.
It’s time to stop your doubts. It’s time to see how perfect you are in so many ways. I want to help you find your confidence, grasp it, and never let it go again. I want to help you find yourself, the inner you that you never thought existed.

Are you interested or want more information on a boudoir session? You have come to the right place.

Before the session

Before the session, I will send a questionnaire, for you to let me know a little more about you and why you are interested in this experience. We will talk about what to wear, where to shop, and the style of session you love. I will help you to create a session styled to your personality. I also have a lingerie closet of over 50 pieces in various sizes that are available to you too. When you book a session, you will be sent a checklist of what to bring, so you don’t forget anything, even a lingerie guide to help with your selection!

Please do not forget to not use conditioner OR oils in your hair or skin before our session! My professionals have everything we will need to make your look perfect!

Do not OVER tan or SPRAY tan before the session! Your skin will be orange and unnatural.

When coming over or before the session do not wear tight clothing or undergarments, that will create lines and creases in your skin.


We shoot in either a hotel, your home, or a desinated spot. At every location, we will use a bed, black sheets/comforter, and more. We will shoot anywhere from 20 photos to 200 photos. Depending on the session time you purchase!


I will edit the best photos, each photo by hand to ensure perfect images within 24 hours. I do not do any extreme editing; the reason is my art depicts the truth. The truth is that you are beautiful just the way you are. All photos will be loaded to an online gallery where you will order from la a carte. No one will have the password but you.